Celebrity Clothing Lines on the Rise

  In the past few decades we have seen the influence of celebrities in fashion. But nowadays it looks like the fashion world had been taken over by celebrities. We have been noticing a fad when it comes to Celebrities having their own clothing line. They use their fame and celebrity power to market their … Continue reading

Art Needs a Patron

The beauty has a price. The price tag of Haute Couture collections always make us faint. For Chanel 2011 Spring Couture collections, typical suit starts at approximately US$30,000 and those little embroidered black dresses at US$150,000. And that’s not the top ceilings, not friendly, is it? So the question is, “Does fashion worth the money?” … Continue reading

Formichetti & GAGA

Nicola Formichetti, Lady Gaga, and Sébastien Peigné combined forces to attract and delight audiences for the fall 2011 PARIS prêt-à-porter! Formichetti brought a collection that represented Lady Gaga’s lifestyle. Formichetti and Gaga are close acquaintances and consider themselves as each other’s best friend and collaborator. The singer song writer acted as the muse for Formichetti’s … Continue reading

“Fashion Fades, style is eternal” by YSL

Take a look at celebrities wearing various Converse sneakers. ******Converse Converse, it’s not just sneakers anymore…. They are more than just shoes, nostalgia, or fashion statement. More than sixty percent of all American own or have owned at least one pair of Converse sneakers. Isn’t it amazing? Joining Forces… The collaboration between menswear designer John … Continue reading

Minimalism, Luxury and Restraint

  (2011 Milan Fall RTW) I know it becomes a kind of Cliche. Most designers are trying hard to catch the train of minimalism since this word popped out. Everyone is standing on its side to stay on the fashion mainstream, but do we really understand what minimalism is? Then what are the deep symbolic … Continue reading