Celebrity Clothing Lines on the Rise


In the past few decades we have seen the influence of celebrities in fashion. But nowadays it looks like the fashion world had been taken over by celebrities. We have been noticing a fad when it comes to Celebrities having their own clothing line. They use their fame and celebrity power to market their merchandise. Most of these celebrities turned fashion designers even had the chance to show their collections at Fashion Week. An example of these “celebrities” is Sheree Whitfield, the Real Housewife of Atlanta reality star. She debut her own clothing line called, She in New York Fashion week back in 2009.

It seems like these Real Housewives stars have their eye on building a name in fashion. Lisa Wu Hartwell, also a real housewife of Atlanta reality star, built her own clothing line named, Closet Freak. When she was asked how would she describe her line, she said, “I wanted very classical, elegant pieces, but still a little flirtatious. I think these days a lot of women overexpose themselves to get attention.” Her vision for her clothing line stayed true and yes, you would definitely get some attention from wearing the clothes from her line but not the one that you’ve been looking for.

Just when you think you had too much of these real housewives stars, Bravo TV released a line of clothing and accessories inspired by the fashion and style of the Real Housewives reality TV stars. Bravo collaborated with the company, Royal Plush for the making of the Real Housewives-Royal Plush line. Their line comprises of premium denim, loungewear, active wear, handbags and accessories.

These “celebrities” turned fashion designers wanted to build a name for themselves in the world of fashion but sadly, their clothing lines are not up to par.


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