Beauty and Its Price

      The Universal Law of Beauty Many women are spending up to one-third of their income on looking good. From Report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there is total number of 12,633,384 cases of plastic surgeries going on in 2010, with total rise of 11% from 2009.  Not only women, among … Continue reading

“He who seeks beauty will find it “- Bill Cunningham

  Bill Cunningham, the original street style – fashion photographer for the New York Times is probably one of the most dedicated people in the industry. In the film Bill Cunningham New York, the day to day life of the 82 year old was documented. It was interesting to see how this old man can keep … Continue reading

The ‘Dandy’ and the Innovative Ideas Behind

      The Traditional Definition of Dandy Always staying in glamour, Dandy is that a man who pays great attention to dress and fashion and often dresses with an ornate style. The term was first introduced in the late 18 century, but became better defined in the early nineteenth century. Historically, the “Oscar Winning” … Continue reading