AAU Graduate Fashion Show

Academy of Art University Fashion Show 2011

Special guests of honor Suzy Menkes, Cathy Horyn, Nathalie Rykiel, Yigal Azrouel, Andrew Buckler, Steven Cox & Daniel Silver of Duckie Brown, Christina Neault, and Laure du Pavillon.

The Fashion show was a blast, the AAU young graduate designers’ modern inspiration all over the outfits! Each of the music chosen for the individual lines, was carefully thought out, the rhythm actually suit the outfit inspiration or even the materials used somehow.

On the right here as an example, the designs and materials was jello like, even the music had the jelly jelly kind of tone to it, it was fun to see and hear, somehow remind me of the sea. I think the perfect choice of music keeps the impression sticks longer and after.

Successful collaborations between students from Knitwear, Women’s Design, Men’s wear design, jewelry, textile, even Fine art sculpture.

Here is one of the rubber bags designed,
it was interesting and actually attention grabbing.

One that is a contrast compared to the rest was this designs below, the excessive pattern and choice of color, is dolly and cute to look at, perfect with the ruffle like designs. The layers reminds me of the ballet outfits and the top is tight fitting.

These raincoat look alike material and fitting, which is loosely fitted and transparent like on the outside layer.
It had tropical kind of color theme and gives active and cheery feel.

Aeris GUN


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