How important the brand identity is!

By Yejee Choi

Wednesday May 4th, We had a chance to meet Cathy Horyn and Nathalie Rykiel. Cathy Horyn is a journalist of New York Times, and Natalie Rykiel is CEO and creative director of the Sonia Rykiel.

I really enjoyed listening to Natalie Rykiel. She is humorous, and she made me research more about the brand, Sonia Rykiel. One point she mentioned which I thought it’s really important to most of the brands is brand identity. Her brand has certain target customer. Their target customers are women who have career, and they are independent and sexy as well. The reason why they can still survive in the such a tough fashion industy is because they have strong brand identity to appeal to the target customer. House of Sonia Rykiel actually had men’s wear business but after nearly two decades of losses, they closed. They decided to fofus on their core business which women’s. However, I think that it is really nice to try new thing even though it doesn’t work out.


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