AAU Fashion show in 2011

By Yejee Choi

When I looked at the works for Juhyun Park in the fashion show, I could see a lot of common elements between her designs and Korean Traditional clothing which is HanBok. Since she is from Korea, I believe that she was inspired by HanBok in some way.

Firstly, the silhouettes are similar which do not really show much of the body line. The both of her designs and Hanbok’s fits are very loose and they kind of look oversized clothing, especially, the fit of pants are very wide.

Secondly, the composition she came up with is alike. The long jacket with the long with long thin straps hanging, but she created the pockets which make her design little more practical and wearable.

I really like her designs, because it reminds me Korean Traditional clothing, Hanbok and her works suprise me that these sort of unnique design canbe the art in the form of fashion.


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